How to Create Tables

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You must create and populate repository tables for a number of USoft Developer Series products before you can use them. These products are:

· USoft Definer


· USoft BenchMark


· USoft Authorizer


· User Application

To create or initialize repository tables:

1. If you have not already done so, open an existing project, or create a new one.
2. Select from the list of items in the USoft Binder work area the item for which tables are to be created.

If you want to create Authorizer tables and you have separate database accounts for repository tables and application tables, decide if you want to switch the Authorize for Repository option on or off. This option is a property of the Authorizer item.

3. From the Item menu or the right mouse button menu, choose Create Tables.

The Create Tables dialog will be displayed. Press F1 for Help with filling in the fields.


If you choose to drop existing tables, all your existing data will be lost. Back up your data before using this option. Note that if you wish to create completely new repository tables, you must drop existing tables.