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A USoft Binder project is all the USoft Developer Series products, properties, specifications, and startup parameters associated with a particular task you are performing with USoft Developer products. All the products associated with a particular project will pick up the specifications they require to function from a central Project File, which is specific to the project concerned. This simplifies administration, as it is not necessary to specify all these variables for each individual USoft Developer Series product associated with a project.

Typical specifications you can associate with a project using the USoft Binder include:

· Project Name


· USoft Developer Series products associated with the project


· RDBMS type


· Database name


· Language


· Connect string used to connect to the database


· User name


· Password


· Whether tables are to be read from file or repository


· Free Objects - any application you wish to associate with the project, together with its startup parameters.

USoft Developer Series products or applications associated with a project are known as Project Items.