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 closePage(acceptSelectedRecord, quiet, checkManipulations, steps)



· acceptSelectedRecord [Boolean, Optional: false]
· quiet [Boolean, Optional: false]
· checkManipulations [Boolean, Optional: true]
· steps [Int, Optional: 1]



closePage() is used under the back button on a related page. It pops up a page from the page stack. After this action is fired you can call isClosePage() to check if the closePage action was used. This can be useful if you want to (re)synchronize something on the returning (Parent) page.


Use the 'acceptSelectedRecord ' parameter when closing a lookup page. This specifies whether the selected value is brought to the calling page of the lookup page. The 'steps' parameter sets the number of times closePage() is called. For example, if this  parameter has the value 3 a page be closed three times. The selected record will not be taken 3 steps down. For details the use of functions in inline scripts as opposed to externally defined scripts see navigateTo().


Related functions: acceptLookupValue(), cancelWindow()