Example: The DIV Element

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In HTML pages, the DIV element marks the beginning of a new division. In the client HTML pages generated by Web Designer, DIV elements are placed around ContainerControl, GridControl, and GridEditControl objects.

In a style sheet rule, you can provide these objects with a fixed height and width. Horizontal and vertical scrollbars automatically appear if there is more data to display, and the navigation buttons at the bottom always remain visible.

Here is the style sheet rule that carries out these tasks:


   overflow: auto;

   width: 900px;

   height: 400px;

   border-style: solid;

   border-width: 2px;

   border-top-width: 5px;

   border-color: blue;


In this example, the overflow property is a CSS level 2 property, which is supported from Internet Explorer version 5.5.