How to Run an Info Page

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Once you have changed some properties of an info page, you can view the result in a dedicated Browser dialog, and get an impression of what a page looks like in the published web pages.

To run an info page:

1. Make sure you have defined at least one publication configuration.
2. Make sure that the info page to be run is in the active object tree.
3. In the object tree, select the part of the page that you want to run.
4. From the menu bar, choose Design, Run, or choose Run from the context menu.

The most recent publication is published, and the part of the page is opened in a Browser dialog as it would be displayed in a browser.

This Browser dialog contains buttons to move back and forward, and to refresh.

5. Perform whatever tests are necessary (e.g. browse some data, or click some buttons).


The user is set to the database user who opened Web Designer.

If you run a related page, you cannot move upwards. You get a warning message.

If you run a lookup page, you cannot return to its child by clicking OK.