How to Specify the Language with Which to Run the Application

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You can run the same USoft Web application in different languages. You can specify which language is to be used for a particular session/project/user as follows.

To specify the language with which to run the application:

1. In the publication directory for your website, find the Lang.js file and open it for editing. Look for the line that reads:

var language= "US"

and edit it to reflect the language specified earlier in the Definer, for example

var language= "NL"

Make sure that you copy this file to your Alt folder, otherwise it will be overwritten when you next publish your application.

2. Start the USoft Binder and open the appropriate project file
3. Right click on the Rules Service item and choose Properties.
4. Start the Rules Service and press the Configure button.
5. Navigate through the configuration pages until you come to the Choose Options page.
6. Set the Language to the language specified earlier in the Definer, for example NL.
7. Press Next, followed by Run to start the Rules Service.
NOTE: Application users should delete temporary internet files from their system to make sure that they see the result of the change to the language setting.