Interaction of Transformation Rules

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Before defining your own transformation rules, you have to decide whether you want to reuse the existing default transformation rules, or not.

· You can define your own XSL transformation sheets from scratch and not use any default transformation rules that have been defined in the USApplet transformation sheet.


· You can add a single transformation rule on top of the default Web Designer style. In this case, your transformation sheet must contain this rule:

<xsl:import href="USApplet.xsl"/>

· Of course, you can also selectively copy a selection of transformation rules from the USApplet transformation sheet, and then change these rules in your own MainTransformations.xsl transformation sheet.

You can still choose whether you want to import the USApplet transformation sheet or not. Imported template rules have a lower priority: if two template rules have the same pattern, the template rule in your transformation sheet applies.