Scripting Example: Client Check on a Mandatory field

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You can check mandatory columns before saving. Suppose an inserted person record cannot be saved if the Family Name field has no value. In this case, a message must be shown to prompt the user to enter a Family Name:

1. From the catalog, open the appropriate page.
2. For the SaveButton in the BottomButtonGroup:
· Delete the existing commit action.
· For the onclick event listener, insert a callClientScript action.
3. For the callClientScript action, set the Script property to:

if ( getValue("PERSON","FAMILY_NAME") == "" )

alert(‘Please enter a value for Family Name.’)




The  getValue JavaScript method is defined in the <publication folder>/js/interface.js file.

4. Save your changes, and publish your application.

In the corresponding web page, a message pops up if the user does not enter a value for Family Name, and clicks Save.