Special Characters in URL Query Parameters

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A URL has encoding for special characters. Alphanumeric characters and most common characters remain the same. All other characters must be encoded in the form %xy where xy is a 2 digit hexadecimal representation of a character.

For more information, refer to: http://www.w3.org/Addressing/URL/Overview.html

Here are some special characters, and their encoding:


Meaning in the URL



Query parameter separator.



Not applicable: the space character is automatically transformed to %20 by Internet Explorer.

%20 or +


Encoding of space character.



Encoding of a special character.



Fragment delimiter.




· The # character is a special character in the URL protocol to delimit a fragment. As a result, all that comes after the # character will be skipped. Therefore, the # character must be encoded with %23.


· Special characters that are not included in standard ASCII are not supported by URL. For example, characters like é, à, ã, É, and å are not supported.