The getValue Placeholder

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The getValue placeholder reads a value from the selected record in a web page. This can be a column value of the selected record, or the current value of a variable in a variable set.

It refers to the underlying data source item of a data source:

${getValue(<DataSource name>,<DataSource item>)}

You can use the getValue placeholder with any kind of TableDataSource or VariableSetDataSource object. The second, <DataSource item> parameter can then be a column name or a variable name of the corresponding data source.

To obtain a column value from the selected record of a data source, you can set, for example:



You can INVOKE a batch job with a parameter that is shown in the current web page:

INVOKE BatchRunner.RunJob


SELECT 'MyJob' JobName [,'<JOB_PARAMETER>='||${getValue(SCHEDTOUR,DESTINATION)} JobParameter]

the JobName and JobParameter alias names are mandatory.