The Publication Configuration Window

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You can create a new publication configuration by using the New Publication Definition Wizard, or by using the Publication Configuration window.

The New Publication Definition Wizard lets you define the necessary and most important settings of a configuration. See Also: How to Create a New Publication Configuration.

In the Publication Configurations window, you can set ALL parameters for a configuration.

A publication configuration consists of

· Publication attributes, shown in the upper part of the Publication Configurations window.


· System-defined publication properties, listed on the Properties tab page. You can change their values, but not their names.


· User-defined publication properties. You can add new publication properties with default values that you can refer to in placeholders in scripts.

When pages are published, all these settings are substituted in a published uspublication.xml file. You are advised NOT to edit this file manually.

There is not a big difference between publication attributes and system-defined publication properties. In general, this distinction provides a way to add properties to an object (in this case to a configuration) without the need to add columns to a table.

To be able to use a publication configuration, you have to define at least a value for the Publication Folder and Connection Specifier attributes.

You can make a copy of a publication configuration, including all publication properties, by clicking the Copy button on the Publication configurations window.


If you have worked with a previous USoft Web Designer version, and manually edited an uspublication.xml file, the manually edited settings within this file should now be defined in a publication configuration, and this file should be deleted from an Alternative Templates folder (if any).