The Rules Service

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If you want to use the generated web pages, the Rules Service has to be configured and started. The Page Engine connects to the Rules Service via a JDBC interface.

The Rules Service has to be started with an appropriate number of Rules Engines. The minimal number of Rules Engines started should be the expected average number of concurrent users (meaning concurrent in transaction).

If you want to run more than one USoft application, you have to start a Rules Service for each application with distinct names and port numbers. You are advised to modify the default service name (RulesService) to a logical name (for example, TravelService), and immediately choose a unique port number.

The database user that runs the Rules Service must be granted to use both the Authorizer (select) and the application (full rights).

By default, all Rules Service configuration settings are stored in this file:

<USoft 7 installation folder>/bin/RulesService-7777.config

If the Auto start setting has been set to Yes, this configuration file also contains the RDBMS password. The application owner must protect this file from reading by unauthorized users.

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