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The TreeNodeControls are Data Source-based controls. By default, they contain a number of EventListeners and scripts:

TreeNodeControls can only be contained in a TreeControl. TreeNodeControls can only contain EventListeners and scripts. The main properties of the TreeNodeControls are listed in the following table:



Data Source Name

Name of the referred DataSource

Data Source Item

Name of the referred DataSource item

Child Nodes

List of TreeNodeControl names that act as its child nodes


URL for the image of this node. Default is images/folder.png


The Data Source Name and the Data Source Item properties bind the node to the data. The following figure illustrates their relationship:

In this figure, the TreeControl has one root node: Schoolyear. This node is bound to 'DOCTREE_SCHOOLYEAR/SCHOOLYEAR_LABEL'. It has one child node: GoverningBody.

GoverningBody is bound to 'DOCTREE_GOVERNING_BODY/GOVERNING_BODY_LABEL'. This process is repeated for the other nodes.

The child nodes are related to their parent nodes with a Run Time Relate. This is a standard Relate object, except that the property Synchronization DataSource is left empty.