Using Web Designer - Using Web Designer

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Web Designer generates web pages with forms that implement the graphical user interface of your web application. By default, a web page is generated for each table and logical view defined in the Definer.

From an overall perspective, the purpose of designing web pages with Web Designer is to support user tasks, workflow, and processes, and to enhance the usability of the generated web pages.

Once you have had a look at the default generated web pages, you may wish to tune these pages to specific needs. Changes to the web pages will mostly involve using Web Designer. The default-generated pages can be fine-tuned by changing properties.

This section describes:

· How to perform basic design operations in Web Designer.


· The containment hierarchy of objects within info pages.


· How to perform many of the tasks that can be carried out using Web Designer.

Other design changes can be implemented using cascading style sheets and XSL transformations. This will be covered in later sections. You need a web design management tool to embed these pages in the web site.