When to Publish What

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It is recommended to publish individual pages only during the development process, in order to view changes just made to that page. The advantage of publishing the individual page in this case is that you do not have to wait for other pages to be published as well.

It is recommended to publish the entire application in two situations:

· The data model is still fairly small and you want to publish and use the USoft default application, or a slightly customized version of it.

The advantage is that you do not need to publish each page manually, and that you also do not need to introduce page sets to group the pages to be published.

· You have made a high-level change that you want to make sure is propagated across all the published pages. For example, a detail of the visual look of all buttons in the application.

In other cases, it is recommend to publish page sets. We expect that grouping and publishing pages in page sets will be the most practical way to identify the set of pages that is required in a runtime environment.