Where To Add Your Transformation Rules

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You can add your transformation rules to transformation sheets in different locations. This section tells you what the effect is of adding transformation rules to transformation sheets.

· You are advised to create an alternative template folder for a publication, and then define all transformation sheets in the xsl subfolder of this alternative template folder. This folder is published on top of the other published files for that publication:

<alternative template folder>\xsl

· Transformation rules affect all web pages published in the future if you include these rules in this transformation sheet:

<alternative template folder>\xsl\CustApplet.xsl

· For quick testing only, transformation rules affect all existing generated web pages if you include these rules in this transformation sheet:

<Web Publication folder>\xsl\CustApplet.xsl


Every time a new publication is made, this CustApplet.xsl file will be overwritten. You LOSE all previous changes.

· Transformation rules affect a specific web form if you include these rules in a user-defined transformation sheet, for example:

<alternative template folder>\xsl\MyBrowseToursForm.xsl,

and then attach this transformation sheet to the call of a specific page. See "Setting Custom Transformations".

· Transformation sheets (XSL files) that are added to folder:

<USoft installation folder>\PageEngine\templates\xsl

will be published in folder:

<Web Publication folder>\xsl