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Allowed values

{ True | False }


By default,

This parameter is set to False for online applications, ie., for the Client Server and Rules Service contexts.

This parameter is set to True for batch applications, ie., for the RunBatch context.



This parameter may be set for all 3 deployment configuration contexts: Client Server, RunBatch, and Rules Service.

You can set this parameter in the Additional Parameters list at the bottom of the tab page for each context.



The Allow Set Manipulations additional parameter is used to specify whether SQL manipulations are handled set-oriented or not.

For details on how set-oriented handling is different from record-by-record handling, in the Rules Engine Guide, please consult the " Rules Engine Optimisation Techniques " topic or search for "set-oriented". The Rules Engine Guide is published as part of the USoft Definer documentation. To access it, press F1 in USoft Definer.


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