Deliver in short cycles

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The principle "Deliver in short cycles" asks project teams to break up new developments in small, manageable parts and to aim for end-to-end delivery of each of those parts. End-to-end delivery includes all the planning, building and implementation tasks, from the first design to the last tests and even maintenance and user support after delivery.

Another term used to refer to this idea is "continuous delivery" or "continuous development".

End-to-end delivery cycles can be short and manageable only if the parts to be delivered are small, well-defined and well-prioritised. It is the aim of the PLAN subphases to identify, define and prioritise the functionaliity that must be delivered within a cycle.

The USoft Approach features short-cycled delivery because it is rooted in the principles of Agile Development since the 90s, especially in the tradition of DSDM. The principle "Deliver in short cycles" also makes it suitable for teams working with Scrum.

The ability of a team to deliver chunks of work with great frequency is one practical indicator of quality. It is better to be able to deliver small chunks of work very often than to be able to deliver a lot of work in one go.


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