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In the DELIVER phase, the deliverables realised in the DEFINE phase are launched in the organisation - they are taken into production.


The DELIVER phase is much more than just a software release exercise (this is only the Release subphase). You also need to make sure that the procedures, work instructions, human resources and their roles, and logistics are put in place so that the new software is properly accepted and understood and is experienced as an improvement on previous ways of working (the Acceptance subphase).

The DELIVER phase encompasses everything the organisation needs to do to make sure that the new system and its environment continue to operate properly (the Maintenance subphase).

In spite of the arrows in the picture, the DELIVER phase does not normally show many circular iterations from Release through Acceptance to Maintenance:

Typically, for each PLAN - DEFINE - DELIVER iteration, you only perform a single Release - but you might repeat the Release step if major problems are found after the release.

After the first release in the history of an application, the Maintenance subphase becomes typically an ongoing, relatively independent process.


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