The IMPLEMENT task type

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In the USoft Approach, IMPLEMENT is a task type in the DEFINE phase.


Completing a task of the IMPLEMENT task type leads to an implementation. This is an aspect of the delivered software that is working properly under all target circumstances and according to specification. In iterations of the DEFINE phase, implementations are tested and possibly re-specified until they pass all tests and work according to the specification.

In the USoft Approach, a structure, a rule or an interface is not fully implemented until it is shown to be working correctly in an environment comparable to the Production environment addressed in the DELIVER phase.

This is underlined by the fact that implementation is part of the DEFINE phase, and not the DELIVER phase. Admittedly, this stretches the everyday meaning of the English word 'implementation', which is usually taken to mean that something is adopted in the actual day-to-day operation of a business, something which in the USoft Approach does not happen until the DELIVER phase.

For more information about implementing structures, go to the Structure Definition subphase.

For more information about implementing rules, go to the Rule Definition subphase.

For more information about implementing interfaces, go to the Interface Definition subphase.

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