Server Certificates

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USoft web applications support the use of Server certificates. Server Certificates are designed to protect you and visitors to your site. Server certificates allow you to:

Authenticate your web site.

A digital certificate on your web server automatically communicates your site's authenticity to visitors' web browsers, confirming that the visitor is actually communicating with you, and not with a fraudulent site stealing credit card numbers or personal information.

Keep private communications private.

Digital certificates encrypt the data that visitors exchange with your site to keep it safe from interception or tampering using TLS (Transport Layer Security) which is based upon SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology, the industry-standard method for protecting web communications. Virtually all web servers and the leading browsers are optimized and ready for TLS. To activate TLS sessions with visitors to your site, all you need is a digital certificate for your server.

Identify visitors.

If visitors to your site use personal digital certificates, your server can instantly recognize them, facilitating instant login (and preventing later rejection of the web transaction).

Prevent unauthorized alteration of data.

TLS preserves the integrity of every transaction, generating a warning if so much as one character of information is changed between your server and your customer's browser.

Assure confidentiality.

Users are assured that no unauthorized entity has intercepted data, like account numbers or credit card numbers.