Introducing USoft Binder

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USoft Binder is the application for accessing all the components of the USoft Developer Series suite of products.

A USoft Binder file contains all the parameters pertaining to all of the USoft products necessary to execute a specific Project developed with the USoft Developer Series suite.


The purpose of USoft Binder is to

Provide a single entrypoint for all USoft Developer Series products and USoft applications.

Simplify the task of assigning startup parameters for USoft applications.

All settings made using the USoft Binder are stored, and can be retrieved, per-project. This means that if there are several projects in progress at a given time, you can switch between them easily, without having to change large numbers of parameters and properties each time.

It is also easy to change parameters that apply to more than one application. For example, where the same user uses several applications.


The USoft Binder is installed automatically when you install any USoft Developer Series product. See the USoft Installation Guide for more information about installing USoft Developer Series products.

Starting USoft Binder

You can start USoft Binder:

By double-clicking on the shortcut pointing to the USoft Binder application. By default, this shortcut is stored in the USoft Developer Series folder, you may wish to copy the shortcut to your desktop or you have the option of putting it there during the product installation.

By double-clicking on a USoft Binder file (.USB file), during installation this file extension will have been associated with the USoft Binder application.

By dragging a USoft Binder project file onto the USoft Binder.