Configure the Web Server to Use the Obtained Certificate

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If the correct e-mail address was provided when requesting the certificate there should be an e-mail received from your Certificate issuer (VeriSign uses e-mail to send the test certificates).

When you receive your new Secure Server ID, you need to extract it from the e-mail message and install it on your server. To do this:

1.From your e-mail program, save the Secure Server ID to a file, such as cert.txt.
2.From the Start menu, Open the Key Manager in the Internet Server program group.
3.Select the key pair that matches your new Secure Server ID.
4.Choose Install Key Certificate from the Key menu.
5.Select the Secure Server ID file you saved in Step 1 and click Open.
6.When prompted, enter the password that you specified when creating the key pair.
7.Choose Commit Changes from the Servers menu.
8.Choose Commit all Changes from the Computers menu.

NOTE: If you do not specify an IP address when installing your Secure Server ID, the same ID will be used for all virtual servers created on the system. If you are hosting multiple sites on a single server, you can specify that the ID should only be used for a particular server IP address.