CredentialsCheck Example 3: A user should not log in more than 5 times a day

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To specify that a user should not log in more than 5 times a day:

1.Specify that the CREDENTIALSCHECK table component is to manage authentication. See "Installing and Using the CredentialsCheck Table Component".
2.Modify the insert method of the CREDENTIALSCHECK table component so that it can trace the number of times a user logs in per day.

For an example of how this component has to be written, you can obtain the source code of the delivered CREDENTIALSCHECK component. Contact your USoft account manager for details. This source code is delivered "as is", and you need to be skilled in the Java language before you can alter this code.

To trace the number of logins per day and per user, you could for example create a table having columns: User, Day and Number_of_login, and increment the Number_of_login column each time a user logs in. If the value of this column is larger than 5, return False, otherwise return True.