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The help topics in this section describe methods that you can use in scripting application behavior in USoft Definer and USoft Window Designer.

Methods vs. actions

USoft product documentation uses 'method' and 'action' with the same meaning.

Unlike 'action', the term 'method' implies a relationship with a class that exposes that method.

Most of these are technically methods that are exposed by GUI objects. The relationship between GUI objects and the methods they expose is most clearly visible in the Object Activator tool in USoft Windows Designer. From this tool, you will typically write scripts with the syntax



In many USoft scripting environments, however. the relationship to the current GUI object is understood and you will only write the method name:



Also, some methods are unrelated to GUI design. Many are more data-centered. For example, the method or action



is related to the current transaction.

Because of these two reasons, in many USoft contexts the relationship between methods and classes is not prominent. This reference section lists methods or actions simply by their name. Where appropriate, the relationship with one or more classes is indicated in a section headed "Exposed by".


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