How to Change the Rules Engine Cache Refresh Frequency

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The Rules Engine cacheRefreshPeriod setting determines the frequency with which the Rules Engine refreshes its authorisation data. This period is 3 minutes by default, but can be set using the cacheRefreshPeriod resource. For instance, to set the period to 10 minutes = 600 seconds, add, or edit if it already exists, the following line in the USDI file (for USoft Batch, Rules Service, or Remote Rules Service API) or the USDIW file (for client-server):



If this resource is set to to -1 or 0, the Rules Engine will refresh its data on each logon or call to the RulesEngine.SetUser method.

NOTE: Do not confuse this cache refresh period with the publication attribute with the same name used by the Page Engine to specify the refresh period of the user/first menu page combination.


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