How to Grant and Update Access Rights

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To grant or update access rights in the database server:

1.From the Tools menu, choose the option corresponding to the "level" at which you want to update the rights (Application, User Group, or User).

The appropriate dialog appears.

2.Complete the dialog as follows:

Enter the Application, User Group, and User names, as appropriate, or click the Lookup button and choose one from the list that appears.

Check or clear the From file checkbox to indicate whether you want the definitions of the application read from the flat file on your computer, or from the repository in which the application was developed.

If you check the From file checkbox, type the name of the file from which the application definitions are to be read into the Conceptual File field.

If you want the grants to be sent directly to the database, leave the Output File field empty. If you want the necessary statements to be put in a script file, type a filename or use the Browse button. If you do not specify a directory, the file will be created in the APP subdirectory of your USoft installation directory.


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