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Performs a decision as defined in the Decisions window in the Definer.


ActionDecision( nameparameter, ... )


The required name is the name of the decision to perform. You can pass one or more parameters. Placeholders (:1, :2 ...) in the decision's Decision SQL will be substituted by the values of these parameters when the decision is called. The placeholders may appear in the SELECT and WHERE clauses of Decision SQL, for example:

SELECT    :2, column1

FROM      table1

WHERE     column2 = :1


The :1 placeholder corresponds to the first parameter you pass, the :2 placeholder to the second... If you pass LESS parameters than the number of placeholders in the Decision SQL, the remaining placeholders are substituted by the NULL value before the statement is evaluated. If you pass MORE parameters, these are ignored.

Do not confuse this parameter mechanism with :1, :2... placeholders in the decision's Yes Action. In the example, the second input parater is passed to the Yes Action (where it is referred to as :1) if the WHERE condition evaluates to true. The retrieved value from column1 is also passed in this case; it is referred to in the Yes Action by :2.