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Allows you to call functions in custom-built Dynamic Link Libraries for MS Windows.


ActionDllExecute( library-namefunction-name | function-number }parameters )


The required library-name is the name of the DLL to be called.

The required function-name or function-number is the name or number of the function to be executed.

Parameters are the parameters expected by the function (if any).

DLLs called by this action can be developed in any Windows development language, as long as exported functions conform to the Pascal Calling Convention:


MyCustomDllFunction ( HWND, hWnd, params, num-params )


In this syntax:

hWnd is a window object (a window handle) of USoft Developer.

Params is an array of character strings representing the parameter list of the ActionDllExecute() method.

Num-params is an integer representing the number of parameters of the ActionDllExecute() method.