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Associates an action with a button in the icon ribbon (sometimes referred to as 'icon toolbar').


ActionRibbon( buttonactionparameters )


The required button is the name of the button with which the action is to be associated.

The required action is the action to be performed when the button is pressed. This must be one of the following constructs. Set-values() is only supported in the ActionRibbon() context for the 'bitmap' resource:

set-values( buttonresourcevalue )


set-sensitive( button )


set-non-sensitive( button )


remove-widget( button )


destroy-widget( button )


Remove-widget() and destroy-widget() are 2 alternative ways to remove the button.



The following is scripted on the Pre-field-entry property of a field:

ActionRibbon( 'Save All', set-non-sensitive, 'Save All' )


The following is scripted on the Post-leave property of the same field:

ActionRibbon( 'Save All', set-sensitive, 'Save All' )