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Executes a USoft Batch job.




,      parameter=value

,      ...

,      predefined-parameter=value

,      ...

,      mode



mode  :=  { -quiet | }


The required job is the name of the USoft Batch job to be run.

Each of the parameter=value pairs passes a value to a named element in the External Set that is the Input Parameter Set of job. Each parameter=value pairs represents a user-defined variable.

Each of the optional predefined-parameter=value pairs passes a value as a USoft-defined parameter that configures the job run in some way. Predefined parameters are the same as predefined for Batchrunner calls. For example, a call using predefined 'create_suc' parameter could look like this:

ActionStartJob( MY_JOB, create_suc=false, MY_TASK:create_suc=true )


Note the syntax differences with Batchrunner calls. The effect of the following INVOKE statement is identical:


SELECT     ...

,          'false'    "create_suc"

,          'true'     "MY_TASK:create_suc"


If -quiet is passed as mode, the job will execute without displaying any information messages or prompts. Error messages are always displayed: they are not affected by mode. If a log file has been specified, all the usual information is logged, irrespective of whether -quiet has been set for mode.


ActionStartJob( MY_JOB, CUSTOMER_ID=23, NAME=JOHNSON, filename=c:\temp\MY_JOB.xml, -quiet )