Additional Prompts and Messages

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During your session with the table generator, the following additional prompts and messages may appear:

Situation: You added a new mandatory column

If you want USoft Developer to retrieve data from an OLD_ table, while you added a new mandatory (i.e. NOT NULL) column to the corresponding new table, USoft Developer will ask you whether to:

Create an empty table. (In which case you can directly insert the old data and the new data into the database yourself.)

Fill the column with default values. (X for character columns, 1 (one) for number columns, and SYSDATE for date columns).

Skip creating the table.

Situation: Table cannot be copied because of LONG fields

Oracle has problems with copying LONG fields. When copying fails, the message will be:

Copy from OLD table to new table failed.

Table <table_name> is empty.

If this is the case, you can still find your data in OLD_<table_name>. Every (chosen) table is handled in this way. Therefore, you can always copy your data afterwards.


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