Automatically Generated Implementation Types

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You can generate implementation types automatically by checking the Automatic Implementation Types checkbox in the User Preferences window, which can be found in the Objects List. by If you do that, the following implementation types are introduced:


Implementation is (by) ...

Batch Job

USoft batch job, no specific batch task

Batch Job SQL

specific SQL statement within USoft import task or SQL task

Batch Job Task

specific batch task within USoft batch job


specific column in a table


USoft RDMI component


USoft constraint


USoft decision



Domain Constraint

domain constraint

External Element

element identified by a reference to a file in a file system

Logical View

USoft logical view

Menu Option

specific menu option within a menu page

Menu Page

menu page


page designed in USoft Web Designer

Page Set

page set defined in USoft Web Designer


1-to-many relationship between tables

Subtype Group

USoft subtype group definition




implementation without reference to a specific object such as a constraint or description, see note below this table

Web Service

web service provider as defined in USoft Definer

Window Class

class designed in USoft Windows Designer

The implementation type label of "(Unspecified)" is used when an implementation definition consists of nothing more than a comment in the Description field. USoft also automatically sets the implementation type label to "(Unspecified)" if the object referenced by the implementation, such as a constraint or decision, is dropped.