Delaying Processing Using a Status Field

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To delay processing by using a status field:

1.Define a status field that enables you to make the difference between newly entered or imported data, and existing data.
2.Define an import task that sets the status field to a default value (e.g. I for Imported) for all imported records.
Alternatively, when dealing with online entry, make sure the status field is set to a default for all newly entered data.
3.Define a SQL task that affects only the records with the default value.
There are many possibilities here. You can also define the delayed processing in a corrective constraint, perhaps scheduled to a clock time by a join with the T_APP_TIME application timer table.
When dealing with an import task, much depends on whether the delayed processing only concerns batch import data, or whether it also concerns online data entry.
4.Run both the import task and the SQL task one after the other at different times.