Example: XML Query With Order By Attributes

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Here is an example of an XML query document with several Order By attributes specified:


    <Table Name="PERSON">

        <Column Name="FAMILY_NAME" Condition="Jo%"



        <Column name="FIRST_NAME"

            Order-by-seqno ="2"/>

        <Column name="ADDRESS" Condition="%STREET%"/>




This results in an XML output document that contains all columns of all records where FAMILY_NAME starts with 'Jo' and ADDRESS contains 'STREET':


    <PERSON ID="377" FAMILY_NAME="Jones" FIRST_NAME="Bill"

        ADDRESS="HIGHSTREET 501"/>

    <PERSON ID="377" FAMILY_NAME="Jones" FIRST_NAME="Patricia"

        ADDRESS="HIGHSTREET 501"/>

    <PERSON ID="312" FAMILY_NAME="Johnson" FIRST_NAME="Ann"

        ADDRESS="ELM STREET 105"/>



The records are sorted in descending order on FAMILY_NAME, and in ascending order on FIRST_NAME, which is only used for the ordering.

This is equivalent to:




FROM      person

WHERE     family_name   LIKE 'Jo%'

AND       address       LIKE '%STREET%'

ORDER BY  family_name   DESC

,         first_name    ASC