Executing Jobs Scheduled Within a USoft Application

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Jobs scheduled within a USoft application can be executed in many different ways. Here is a possible scenario.

To execute jobs scheduled within a USoft application:

1.Define an overall USoft batch scheduler job that inspects the job scheduler information and mark all jobs that should run, together with their parameters.
This job can perform any number of checks to find out if jobs should really run, with what parameters, in what order, etc.
2.The batch scheduler job also contains an export task generating a RUNBATCH.EXE command line for each job to be run and exporting these command lines to an executable JOBS1.bat batch file.
3.Finally, the batch scheduler job contains an action task with the action:


This system call will trigger the actual job execution.
4.Call the batch scheduler job at regular intervals, e.g. every 24 hours, using a time-based operating system command triggered by the system date and time.