Export Logs

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Each time you create an export file on the basis of an Export Definition, details of this action are logged.

To inspect such an export log:

1.Click Teamwork, Object Shopping, Export Logs from the main menu.
2.Query the export log(s) that you are interested in. If you do a default query, the most recent export log appears as the first record.


Each export log is stored as the combination of:

1 parent record in parent table Export Logs (T_EXP_LOG).

A set of child records in child table Export Components (T_EXPORT_COMPONENT).

Export logs are different for exports to Binary format than for exports to XML format in 2 respects:

1. For exports to Binary format, the hierarchy of elements stored in T_EXPORT_COMPONENT is stored in the T_EXPORT_COMPONENT.IS_PART_OF_SEQNO column using a self-referential relationship of table T_EXPORT_COMPONENT to itself, using. Choose Help, USoft  Repository Tables, Relationship Definitions to find more information about this relationship. Exports to XML format do not store information on hierarchy in this way (the IS_PART_OF_SEQNO column remains NULL) because the hierarchy is apparent from the XML output.

2. For exports to XML format, column T_EXPORT_COMPONENT.NUMBER_OF_RECORDS is not used. It has the NULL value for all XML export component records.