Granting Yourself the Appropriate Rights

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To be able to define batch jobs, you must have access to the repository of the application for which you want to define batch jobs. For more information, refer to the USoft Authorizer Help.

If you want to be able to define jobs in your production environment as well, you must copy a number of repository tables and their contents to your production environment. The tables to be copied are:

Column Comments


Data Types


Reserved Words

Table Comments


USoft Batch shares these tables with USoft Developer. Within USoft Batch these tables are read-only.

NOTE: USoft uses a sequence number generator to construct unique names for its temporary tables.

On ODBC databases, the sequence numbers are managed using the TABLE_SEQUENCE_NUMBER table. This table must exist in every database login that runs batch jobs. For example, when application tables are owned by user "Accounts", and are accessed by user "Hal", a TABLE_SEQUENCE_NUMBER table must be owned by user "Hal", or the user "Hal" must have the appropriate rights to the table.

On Oracle databases, "Hal" must have the CREATE SEQUENCE right, because USoft will create the sequence automatically.