How the Query Protocol for Method Calling Works

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You can choose to call a method using an USoft-specific query protocol instead of the standard protocol. In this case, one of the methods is defined as being the EXE method in the protocol, and (optionally) another as being the FETCH method. An INVOKE ... WITH SELECT ... statement is processed as follows when using the query instead of the standard protocol:

1.Fetch a record from the SELECT.
2.Create the component.
3.Execute the method, which has been defined as the EXE method.
4.Execute the method, which has been defined as the FETCH method and catch the Out parameters. Return the record to the caller.
5.Repeat step 4 until the component returns no further records (that is, until the FETCH method reports that there are no more records).
6.Destroy the component.
7.Fetch the next record from the SELECT, etc.