How to Associate Methods with the Query Protocol

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By default, calls to component methods use the standard protocol. If you want methods to use the query protocol:

Specify one method as being the EXE method in the protocol.

(Optionally) specify another method as being the FETCH method. A FETCH method need only be specified if the component (potentially) returns more than one data value per SELECTed input record. A component checking a restrictive rule only returns -1, 0 or 1 and therefore does not require a FETCH method.

In the INVOKE clause, use the protocol name rather than a method name.

To specify methods as being the EXE and FETCH methods in a query protocol:

1.First specify the component and the component methods. Save/commit.
2.Make sure the return parameters of the methods you want to associate with the protocol are Long Integer (you will be warned if they are not.) This is mandatory since the query protocol only interprets the values -1, 0, and 1, as discussed above.
3.From the menu bar, choose View, Objects..., Query Protocol Associations.
You can alternatively use the Query Protocol Associations tab page on the Automation Servers window, which is accessible from the Define, RDMI submenu.
4.Enter the name of the component.
5.Enter a unique name for the protocol. This name will be used in the INVOKE string instead of the method name.
6.Enter a description if required.
7.Enter the name of the EXE method in the Exe Method Name field.
8.Enter the name of the FETCH method in the Fetch Method Name field (if required).