How to Define Data Contents

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Data contents indicate which part of the data model belongs to which business objects. Data elements can be tables, domains, or relationships (but each record in the Data contents table can only be one of these). Data elements can be owned or shared by business objects.

You can also add data contents to an existing data contents table. A data element can only be owned by ONE business object.

To define data contents:

From the menu bar, choose TeamWork, Definition, Data contents.

The Data contents window appears.

Use the lookup buttons to choose items to be inserted in the fields.

Check the Owned box if the business object owns the data element in question. Do not check the box if the data element is shared with other business objects.

In the remarks field, add any remarks or notes you wish to be associated with this data element.

Temporary content can be used to indicate that an element has to be added in the future.

Save your changes.