How to Implement Business Rules

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To take full advantage of USoft TeamWork's support for business rule implementation, formulate a rule, implement it, and document the implementation.

To fully implement a business rule you can proceed in any order. For example:

1.Formulate the rule in the Business Rules and Processes window. This window is reached by choosing TeamWork, Definition, Business Rules and Processes from the menu.
2. Realize the functionality described by the Business Rule. There are many ways to do this. Typical examples include writing a constraint, designing an application window or web page, defining a batch job, building a menu, defining a web service provider, calling a component or a web service, or any combination of these.
3. In the Business Rules and Processes window, retrieve the rule formulation.
4. Click the Implementations tab page.
5. Make sure that in this tab page, the cursor is on a blank line.
6. Click the More button.
7. Enter the appropriate reference to the way you realized the functionality, using the lookup buttons as appropriate.
If you have Automatic Implementation Types switched on, then USoft TeamWork will fill out the Implementation Type for you.
8. If the rule was implemented by more than one element, repeat steps 5-7 for all the elements. You must enter each implementation as a separate record.