How to Specify Output Columns

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Output columns are those columns that appear in the Select list of your SQL statement, which are displayed both on the SQL tab and on the Results tab of the Select List pane.

If you do not add any output columns, the SQL Definer will assume:


To specify output columns:

1.Click on the desired column in the From List pane, and then drag and drop it onto the Select List pane. You can also drag a column directly from the Repository tab. The associated table will automatically be added to the From List pane, if it is needed.
NOTE: You can also select multiple columns from the column list using the SHIFT/CTRL keys. If you require all the columns of a table, select the pseudo column (*).
2.If the output column is a computed column using one or more column names, or a column subject to a group function such as max() or count(), then select the Column Definitions tab on the Select List pane and edit the output column expression manually.
When using GROUP BY, first specify which columns are in the GROUP BY clause by dragging them onto the Group By Definitions tab in the Select List. Then specify any required group functions on these columns by editing the output column names on the Column Definitions tab.
3.Repeat the previous steps for each of the columns you want to add.

If you wish to set/change the order of output columns, select the Column Definitions tab in the Select List and type numbers (in descending order of position) in the Position field.