Implementing Business Rules

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Formulating, detailing, prioritizing and tracing a Business Rule is one thing. Actually implementing it by building artifacts such as database structures, SQL constraints, screens, menus, components and web services is another.

USoft TeamWork lets you do both in any preferred order. When drawing up requirements, concentrate on Business Rule formulations without building them. In contrast, when you need to deliver a requested change fast, implement it first. You can take time to describe it properly later.

USoft TeamWork offers facilities to

Relate any type of Business Rule and Business Process formulation to any type of implementation.

Get listings of all the rules awaiting implementation, all the implementations not yet implemented, all the formulations that do not require specific implementation, and so on.

Get listings of all implementations of a certain type, and so on. Details such as a history of formulation changes and the type of implementation chosen are automatically logged.