Java Enterprise (J2EE) Components

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USoft Developer supports Java (Enterprise) components, referred to as J2EE components. USoft's support for components is realized using RDMI technology, in which methods of components can be invoked by rules, allowing USoft applications to interact with other applications.

The choice to support Java is based upon the ease of use of the Java language, the versatility and completeness of the available class libraries and the possibility of running Java components in a scalable architecture (Enterprise Java Beans, or EJB). Another advantage of Java is that the Java runtime environment is supported on nearly all computer platforms. This is important since the USoft Rules Engine is available on various platforms. In contrast to COM components, J2EE components can be invoked by Rules Engines running on any of the supported platforms.

For more information on Java and J2EE technology, you can visit the following dedicated web site:

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