Locating Flat Files

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When searching for flat files (.con, .job, or .esi files), USoft Developer uses a strategy based on variables set in your Windows registry or on Unix. These variables are InstallationDir, FileSearchPath, and HomeDir on Windows, or XFILESEARCHPATH and $HOME on Unix.

NOTE: FileSearchPath is also used to retrieve USoft resource files, such as USDI and USDIW.

USoft Developer searches as follows:

1.The InstallationDir/APP directory is searched on Windows, or installation/ app-defaults on Unix.
2.The FileSearchPath variable in the Windows registry, or the XFILESEARCHPATH environment variable on Unix is used. In this string, variables are:

%T : default application directory: on Windows: 'app', on Unix: 'app-defaults'

%N : application name

%S : extension (.con/, .job/, .esi/ , etc)

%I : (=uppercase i) installation directory: Windows only

%i : home-directory: Windows only

3.USoft searches in the HomeDir on Windows, or $HOME on Unix..

NOTE: The Installation Directory is given by the value of the version key. (e.g. version 7.0.1A : C:\USD70).

For example, to locate the flat file in the current working directory on Unix, the following could be appended to XFILESEARCHPATH: