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Marks with a marker bitmap, or unmarks, a specified menu option. Also gives the "pressed" look to the corresponding button.

A marked menu option is displayed in such a way that the user knows it is active.

The marker bitmap can be chosen from USoft's bitmap directory.


MenubarMarkItem( menu-pagemenu-optionbitmap | '' } )


The required menu-page is the menu page to which the menu option belongs. The required menu-option is the menu option to be marked or unmarked.

If you supply bitmap as the third parameter, this identifies the bitmap to be used to mark the menu option. If you pass the empty string as the third parameter, the menu option is unmarked.


This example marks a "View, Objects..." menu option:

MenubarMarkItem( 'STD_VIEW', 'Objects...', 'objects.bmp' )


This example unmarks that "View, Objects..." menu option:

MenubarMarkItem( 'STD_VIEW', 'Objects...', '' )