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Displays a system message in the language specified at startup. System messages are defined in USoft Definer.


MessageLanguage( category, name, type, yes-action, no-action, value, ... )


type  :=  { 'INFORMATION' | 'WARNING' | 'ERROR' | 'QUESTION' }


Category, name and type are required. Category is the category of the message as defined in USoft Definer. Name is the name of the message. Type is the type of message.

You can specify the yes-action and no-action only if type is QUESTION, in which case these parameters are required.

Value(s) are values to be substituted as parameters in the message text (if any). You need as many values as the message has parameters. Multiple values are separated by commas.


(Post-change property of Instance field:)

ActionDecision( CHECK_INSTANCE_NAME, CurrentColumn() )


(Decision SQL of decision CHECK_INSTANCE_NAME:)

SELECT     :1


 SELECT     ''

 FROM       t_instance

 WHERE      name = :1 



(Yes Action of decision CHECK_INSTANCE_NAME:)

MessageLanguage( 'Admin Msg', 'WRONG_INSTANCE_NAME', 'ERROR', :1 )