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In USoft TeamWork you can specify Motivations.

Motivations can be overall business objectives, mission statements, or strategic goals. Examples are: Accountability, Pricing Integrity, Customer Relations, Marketing Value, Shareholder Value, Partner Management and Quality Assurance.

Alternatively and more practically, motivations can also be company policies, tactical considerations or system requirements. Examples are: Price Flexibility, System Availability, System User-friendliness, Demo usability.

Rather than global objectives or practical policies, motivations may also be more specific goals or even projects that are limited in time and relate to a particular business event, topic or department. An example could be a quality audit exercise for a specific part of the system.

In USoft TeamWork, once you have formulated Motivations, you can identify at the following four levels what is the Motivation of a particular object, in other words, what was the reason it was introduced in the first place:

Business Objects

Business Rules


Rule Sets