Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)

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The USoft Remote Rules Service API offers a unique repository-based interface to external programs and desktop tools that support the Microsoft standard ODBC programming language interface, such as MS Excel, MS Word, MS Access and Lotus Approach. It is the first such driver that guarantees execution of all the business, integrity, and security rules at all times. Those rules are stored and managed within the USoft Developer repository. USoft Developer manages the data manipulation in professional databases, such as Sybase or Oracle.

Multi-user databases to the Microsoft desktop

The Microsoft desktop tools include Microsoft Query that is a self- contained, ODBC-enabled data access application. Use Query from Microsoft Excel, for example, to bring data from remote database files and tables into your worksheet for analysis, reporting, and charting.

Interactive external application interface

ODBC is a de facto IT standard call-level interface that is available all over the world. By means of this interface you can connect your application to the interactive USoft Developer rule server, but also to other ODBC drivers that the major database vendors supply. The benefit of the USoft Remote Rules Service API is that you do not have to re-program all business rules. This saves time, money and guarantees quality, because you only have to define and manage them in one place.

For more information, see the USoft Remote Rules Service API Help.